You probably don't own the "very best value" life insurance policy!

And you're not alone. Even among life insurance agents, who are the experts and can shop among all the different policies, most of them don't own it either. Why is that?

 It's not the most expensive policy (it's low-mid range) and the reputable company that offers it has been in the insurance business for 123 years and has stellar financial integrity. Why is it that so few people (even agents) own this policy?

 This policy can protect you better than 99+% of the other life insurance policies available.

The fact is, none of the huge name brand insurance companies offer this type of policy. The billions they spend each year on advertising doesn’t inform the general population about this policy. Only a handful of solid life insurance companies choose to redirect their advertising budget into offering better benefits and lower costs to their customers. They are the only ones whose customers are better protected with this type of policy with “living benefits” for critical, chronic and terminal illnesses. Other than a few independent insurance brokers like myself and our clients, most everyone else is in the dark about this policy. Much like the ostrich with its head in the sand, they are blind to the fact that their life insurance policies don’t protect them as well as they could – and need to be.

 If you developed a severe invasive cancer or suffered a major heart attack or many other critical, chronic or terminal illnesses - this policy allows you to tap into your death benefit without having to die. You can have money advanced to you to help replace your income, pay your bills or medical expenses and even keep your business going when you can't run it. It's not a loan, so you don't have to pay the money back. The amount you use is just subtracted from your death benefit, waiting to be paid out to your loved ones when you eventually die, hopefully many years down the road. 

After 16 years working in the life insurance industry, I consider this policy, with its trio of “living benefits”, to be great news for everyone who needs life insurance. It really is the "very best value" life insurance policy available on the market today. I own one. So does my wife and our adult children and their spouses. Most of my personal and business clients do as well. Why doesn't everyone? They don't know this type of policy even exists. That's true for most insurance agents.

 The hungry lions of major critical and chronic illnesses prey on our inadequately protected population. With the resulting loss of income, it has become the leading cause of bankruptcy and small business failure in America. 

Most people are paying more each month for their brand name life insurance policies, that don’t provide the trio of “living benefits”, than they would for a “very best value” policy. To be fair, some of these big-name companies do offer “living benefits”, but it is only for terminal illness. While this is good, their policies still leave their customers without financial protection from the critical and chronic illnesses, which happen much more often.

 Unlike most agents, I don’t work for any insurance company. This has allowed me the flexibility to shop among the different life insurance companies and their policies. I search for the one that is the “very best value” for my clients. For me, cost + benefits = value. Since I work on behalf of my clients, but don’t charge them extra for doing so, they enjoy a double win situation.

 I recently concluded an exhaustive project where I searched among many companies and their policies. I compared their costs and their benefits, searching for the “very best value”. I then ranked them upon those factors. Obviously, the ones at the top were the handful of companies that offer the trio of “living benefits”. Yet one emerged as the “best” of the “best value” life insurance policies.

 Unless you are positive that your current policy has the trio of “living benefits”, please allow me to confirm yes or no for you. I will gladly compare your current policy with the “very best value” policy and reveal what your policy may be lacking.

 You may have a very good policy. But why stick with an inferior policy when you can easily upgrade to the superior one? Do you, your loved ones and/or business partners deserve less than the “very best value” and protection?

 The “very best value” policy comes in both term and guaranteed lifetime varieties. They are ideal for personal use, retirement savings, estate planning and business uses including: owner, key person, buy-sell agreements and partnership policies.

 Please contact me at: or 425-344-6322.

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