Who Should You Trust?



Your loved ones and/or your business are the treasure you are paying to protect. Get them the best! 

The person you decide to advise you and provide you with the insurance protection you need plays an enormous role in protecting who and what you value the most. You don't want to be over-insured or under-insured. And you want the "very best value" - the best bang for your buck!

Don't you want someone who is knowledgeable and experienced? Someone highly recommended? Someone you can trust to be honest, who has your best interest in mind and will treat you fairly with respect?


Don't you deserve someone who will educate you about your options and shop on your behalf among many companies rather than sell you only one Brand Name Company's policies? 

An independent broker who will provide you with options outside of their own company's, but will look among many companies to find you the "very best value" policy?

Where and how are you going to find that person you need?



Consider the following: Track the money flow

FACT - The top 10 brand name insurance companies combined to spend over $9.75 billion in 2018 for advertising. – Statista 


Most company's marketing and advertising will try to sway you in their direction, but let's look behind the curtain to discover if the Big Name Brand "Wizard" is worthy of your trust.

If you don't want to make informed decisions, then stop reading and just listen to the duck, lizard or Flo and allow the funniest commercial guide you in making incredibly important decisions like life insurance.


Where does that marketing money come from?

FACT - consumer clients will typically pay 10-40% more for Big Brand Name insurance policies compared to non-Brand Name companies that market by reputation, happy customers and referrals.


Most insurance agents are "Captive" agents

FACT - most insurance agents work for companies that advertise on mass media. These agents are "captive" and can only sell you their company's policies and plans. They are trained to convince you their company and its policies and plans are the best value for you.


Who really has your best interest in mind?

Will these "captive" agents for Big Brand Name companies really have your best interest in mind if they are limited in what they can sell you, especially with their policies being more expensive with less benefits? 

Or will an independent broker, who will educate you about your options, and shop on your behalf among many companies to find you the "very best value" and "best fit" policy. Even if they make less money by "doing what is in their client's best interest?


Buy Life Insurance from your Home and Auto Insurance Agent?

FACT - most agents who sell home and auto insurance do not have expertise with life insurance, but sell it anyway.  They do not have access to the "very best value" policy.

FACT - Bundling policies will save you money, but also force you to have an inferior life insurance policy without "Full Living Benefits"


Who should you trust?

Buy Life Insurance on the Internet?

While is is easier and requires less time to do so, buying life insurance on the Internet is not in your best interest. You will be guaranteed to have an inferior policy.

FACT - Even though you will be shown comparisons for the lowest cost, none of the companies that sell on the Internet have access to the "very best value" policy. 


Buy your Life Insurance at work?

Many companies will sell life insurance at a discount as an employee benefit.  Unless you can guarantee you will work at your current employer forever and then never need life insurance when you retire, you will eventually lose your coverage. If you have developed a severe health problem like diabetes or had cancer, heart problems, etc., you may not qualify for another life insurance policy.

While the subsidized cost is lower, you will be buying an inferior policy. No employer has access to sell the "very best value" policy with "Full Living Benefits" to their employees.


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